Friday, April 8, 2011

This blog is officially dead. So this shall be my last post, ever.... in this blog.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

You say you feel so down
Every time i turn around
And you say
You should've been gone by now

And you, you think that
Everything's wrong
You ask me
How to carry on
We'll make it through another day
Just hold on

'Cause life starts now
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow
And you're so far down
But you will survive it somehow
Because life starts now

I hate to see you fall down
I'll pick you up off the ground
I've watched the weight of your world come down

And now its your chance to move on
Change the way you've lived for so long
You'll find the strength you've had inside all along

'Cause life starts now
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow
And you're so far down
But you will survive it somehow
Because life starts now

All this pain
Take this life and make it yours
All this hate
Take your heart and let it love again
You will survive it somehow

Life starts now
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow
And you're so far down
Life starts now
You've done all the things that could kill you somehow
And you're so far down
Life starts now

Life Starts Now, Three Days Grace.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

argh... so many projects... so many tests...D: and then exams coming up... in a mth's time D:
sianzzz... can't update for a while... until i get less stressed. Amazingly, the more stressed I get, the less work I do D:

All the best for the tests and projects~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

heys everyone:)

Math test today... half screwed it up... ah well... its in the past now, we did all that we could do, and that's that. Whether I just passed or failed, I don't care. At least its over~~ later get results that time then start panicking... Physics... test screwed up. FML. still nothing I can do. No matter how much I can kill myself for it, the mark won't change, right? Just have to study more...
Biology. Attempted to study for quiz, and in the end... just crapped up some answers sometimes. Fairly easy... if I had studied enough.
Da Vinci was probably the only thing that was ok today. Got some fishing string from Hansel (thx!!!!) and WH, NTZ and I fixed up some parts of the whole thing. Hopefully it won't just fall apart tmr.
haha over the past few days... got a lot of comments. just trying to keep them to myself, i guess...

I gave you the benefit of the doubt. After all, knowing me for so long, you should understand me more than others. Yet you don't. I thought you knew me. You don't. After all this time... you didn't scratch the surface. I gave you hints. You didn't take them. I tried to tell you nicely. I guess you didn't hear me, or just pretended not to. Long time friends indeed... at least all my eggs aren't in your basket. If not you'd be dead by now.

Broken trust is hard to rebuild. Broken friendships will be hard to renew.

Friday, September 17, 2010

こんばんわみんなさん!! Half doing my hw, half slacking, 100% wondering. If only the answers lay right before me... and I could read minds...

Chemistry today was awesome xD Periodic table FTW~~ So many weird weird things that can come out of just some random periods and groups...:) But the mindmap was kinda fail... IMO. So... I'm hoping to do one myself:)

IH I thought I forgot to bring notes again>.< dm is a great teacher...:) No eye contact, hands behind his back, "vomiting out" all the things he memorised, to quote Mr Lee. Ex-el teacher:) I will have a lot to comment when there is the module survey again!

Mentoring Ms Ng used the period to check the Math Files... just like primary school, they never use the time wisely... just doing stuff for their own subjects. At least we could just do wtv we liked:)

Then aft lunch... nth to do but slack xD Went up to the com lab to help Ryan with the EL stuff. (sorry Ryan... din print correctly the first time...) Watched MJ and Yong Jie play DF for quite a while... and just commented until Keith came>. Damn cheem terms...leukocytes, antigens... bleah. But at least we had a start:) haha played Murderer again in the class with Zack's pokemon cards:) I escaped as the murderer twice in a row xD

Soccer was so fail today. On the way to NUS field to have soccer there... and then on the bus received a phone call from Eunice, telling me that the training's in school!! ARRGH.... So then Sarah and I came back to sch... changed into our soccer boots... and Eliza told us that dun needa change. FML. Blame me lorh... being so rush... wasted quite alot of time. Played Captain's ball with headers xD Awesome game:D

Meanwhile, NUS High was owning ACS big time:) 2-0... until we let in a goal. Could have been saved, I think. But what was done cannot be changed... So by the end of the first half, 2-1 to NUS High :DD

Took EW home, and now officially starting hw. Tai Zhi, Matthew, Ren Sheng: I'll have the EL ready by tmr, and send it to you guys. Anyone who has RS's email can give me? thx:)


The problem not forgotten, the past not forgiven. And another has arisen. I don't know what you're saying, and I don't know who you're saying it to. Regardless... I think I'm the one... and I'm Eternally Sorry. Sorry for everything that I've done, the person I've become. Promised to keep that away, but I failed. And I panicked. Sorry.
The concern is exploding, I don't know how much longer I can bear it for. Living like this, sensing the weariness that consumes, worrying till the end of time...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


haha I'm updating when I should be sleeping... XD lalalala~

Can't sleep now... dunno why... just feel so awake:)

Today... epic day. First, had physics. The Physics lesson rocks!! Did an experiment to find CG, and then to balance an ice cream stick on our finger~~ damn fun can? Then the horrible part... before the ice cream stick, we had to do assignment 8... damn lah... during the test, my mind went blank >.< until Mrs Oon said "class, you have 2 minutes left." Then suddenly... *CLICK* my mind worked again O.O Stupid mind... At least I just finished the paper:) Physics test: I got 22 marks. No other comments. Don't ask me for my score again.

Math... Ms Ng wasn't here!! Not that it wasn't bad lah... we skipped the class exercise (woots!!!) and didn't have file check... Sigh. So i signed my file in a rush this morning... or rather yesterday morning... for nothing. How nice. Some MO teacher came in to relieve. BEST RELIEVE TEACHER EVER XD I listen to mp3 while doing work...:D

ACE lesson was on Integrity. Sigh. Like we don't know about honesty... then go ask us to put down some feelings on that sub. I know I hate putting down feelings for this crap. So... whatever the teacher wants to hear, I write it down. Simple as that.

Ms Woo oso never come today... So today damn slack :D:D Left us with some worksheets that she asked us to print out ourselves... waste of my ink and time. Sheesh. Anyway... Madhu and I went up to com lab to do our chem assignment. Ryan, Yong Jie, Rittik and Keith were there... and Zenry was playing catching. How nice.

DV, shall not comment. Sigh. I'm screwed.

The train back home was the most epic journey I've ever sat on for the EW line. Keith asked us to wait for him... so we waited for 15 mins. Bus came. So we left him at school. Then he spam called me... damn lah... so we waited for him outside Buona. Btw, Zenry came with us ON THE BUS RIDE. OMG>.<" and then... FOLLOWED US ON THE TRAIN TOO... Journey was damn messed up.
Ok. So, firstly, we piled on the train at Buona. At the last moment, when the doors were closing, Anders ran out. So at Commonwealth, we got off and waited for him. He came on the next train, and we went in. If I'm not a blur sotong right now, and got my facts right, at the last minute, we ran out, and this time RYAN forgot to get out, and continued on the train... So then, after a dilemma, we just got on the next train, with Zenry following us again. Joined up with Ryan, and then finally Zenry left at Tiong Bahru. So we just continued the journey as normal... Tai Zhi, Weiheng and Matthew left at Raffles Place... I promised Madhu accompany her till Eunos, where I had to leave her...:( to save her from being the only girl:D And because of so many other reasons...
Yeah... so just took a bus home from there... long bus trip zzz... and got home finally:D what a great way to spend my day...

sigh. 1 am liao... and I'm still wide awake as ever... something keeping me awake? I dunno. Someone keeping me awake? I dun think so. So glad that Hansel is still up... and can chat:) Hansel you're AWESOME~~

better rest asap... if i can... See you ppl tmr!

I can't help but to just worry about you... wishing desperately that I can help in a way... to make it better for you...but I don't know how to... Torn apart, dealing with my own pains, my own confusion. If only an invisible way out would appear.... and I can just escape from this dark maze, into the warm sunshine...

Pain, without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all......
TDG, Pain

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

heys ppl~
Just a reminder, if you haven't checked the class blog today, pls go check. and click the link i gave. thx:)
anyway... might as well write about today... SIGH. chinese work inside folder. IH work inside folder. Both folders AT HOME. fail... And EL... I hope that I can pass the next test... I didn't know it was next week!!! gosh... I seem to have lost it... the writing... just can't write now...:(:(
Took EW line further than raffles place today!!!:D the scenery so nice... though it takes wayyy long to go home... so i shall not take it so often:(
One thing that really cheered me up today: JARYL SENT ME TWO JAPANESE SONGS~~~
OMG colors of the heart and again rock!!!! THX JARYL!!!:D
Realised a lot today... things that I've never thought of before. gosh I'm so blind sometimes>.<

I trusted you with everything. Poured out my soul to you. Now I know better.